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OnePlus Launches Survey to Gather Feedback on AI-Powered Tools

OnePlus is surveying users from North America, Europe, and India to get their feedback on generative AI tools.


OnePlus has initiated a survey targeting individuals from various countries, inquiring about their perceptions of generative AI tools.

OnePlus, primarily recognized for its smartphones and hardware, is branching out into the AI sector. The company is introducing a variety of generative AI tools intended for functions such as video production and job searching. The survey, open to participants from North America, Europe, and India, allows users to evaluate the utility of AI tools. These tools encompass a short video creation application, a tailored educational app, and browser add-ons for fact verification and image authentication. Notably, owning a OnePlus device is not a prerequisite for survey participation.

Survey Details and AI Ambitions

The survey, accessible via the OnePlus community website, does not mandate the disclosure of personal information such as name, gender, age, or location. Although OnePlus’s recent survey underscores its ambition to delve deeper into generative AI technology, specifics regarding the large language models (LLMs) they plan to utilize remain undisclosed. As per the article from XDA Developers, there’s anticipation to see if OnePlus will develop its proprietary LLM or leverage existing ones like OpenAI’s GPT-4.

According to a post by dsmonteiro on the OnePlus Community forum, OneLab has expressed interest in the potential applications of Generative AI. The post mentions, “Generative AI has emerged as a prominent topic of discussion in recent times. OneLab has been looking into how to make the most of this technology and has come up with some ideas.” The post further emphasizes the team’s eagerness to gather feedback on these concepts to determine their viability.

Survey’s Objective and Assurance

The survey on SurveyMonkey, titled “GenAI Survey,” states that the OneLab team is “exploring some new ideas related to Generative AI” and seeks public feedback. The survey assures participants that the data collected is non-identifiable, emphasizing OnePlus’s commitment to data security.

OnePlus is no stranger to AI, having incorporated numerous AI-driven features in its camera app to augment the photo and video experience. With its foray into generative AI technology, the company aims to elevate its AI initiatives. There are also speculations about the upcoming OnePlus 12, rumored to have a substantial 24GB RAM, which might be designed to optimize the performance of these AI applications on Android devices.

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