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Microsoft SMS Organizer Adds Translation Feature for 5 Indian Languages

Microsoft SMS Organizer now translates messages into Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati on Android.


's SMS Organizer, a popular SMS application for Android, has recently rolled out an update that allows users to translate messages into five Indian languages. The app, which is primarily available in , the US, the UK, and Australia, now supports translations into Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Upon updating to version 1.1.239, users can access the translation feature by navigating to Settings (represented by three dots at the top right) > General > Language. After choosing the desired language and tapping ‘Save', users can return to their message threads. The app will then automatically translate incoming messages into the selected language.

Switching Between Translated and Original Messages

It's important to highlight that if users choose a different language from the settings, it alters the app's language. However, for those who might find the translation unclear, the SMS Organizer offers the flexibility to view individual messages in their original language without modifying the overall language settings. This feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals trying to learn any of the supported Indian languages.

The SMS Organizer app, boasting a rating of 4.1 is available on the Google Play Store and over a million downloads, is available for free. Microsoft consistently updates this app, introducing new features and addressing any bugs or issues. Users can download the app directly from the Play Store. Current users of the SMS Organizer app are encouraged to share their experiences with the new translation feature in the app's comment section.

Microsoft launched SMS Organizer in India, but it has since arrived in the United Kingdom, Australia, and United States. However, it is in India where the app has become increasingly popular.

SMS Organizer is a useful tool despite the popularity of services like WhatsApp. At the moment it is only available in India, where many areas do not have the connection power to send messages online. SMS still plays a vital communication role in low-connectivity locations.

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