Clipchamp Integrates with Microsoft 365 Commercial, Making It Easier for Businesses to Create and Edit Videos

Microsoft 365 commercial users will soon be able to use Clipchamp, a cloud-based video editor, to create and edit videos.

has announced that its online video editor now supports work accounts, allowing users to sign in with their credentials and access their OneDrive and SharePoint files.

Clipchamp, which Microsoft acquired in September 2021, is a web-based video creation and editing tool that offers a range of features, such as templates, filters, transitions, text, audio, and animations. Users can also upload their own media files or use stock footage from Clipchamp's library.

According to Microsoft, Clipchamp is ideal for creating professional-looking videos for various purposes, such as presentations, , marketing, education, and personal projects. The service is available for free for personal use, with premium plans starting at $9 per month.

With the new work accounts support, users can now sign in to Clipchamp using their Microsoft 365 email and password, without needing to create a separate account. This also enables them to access their OneDrive and SharePoint files directly from the Clipchamp app, making it easier to import and export videos.

Microsoft Expanding Clipchamp Across it Productivity Suite

Microsoft welcomed Clipchamp into its family in 2021 and soon made it part of Microsoft 365. Clipchamp is a web-based service that lets users create and edit videos with ease. Users can choose from various filters, styles, templates, and more to enhance their videos. Clipchamp also offers stock media, styles, transitions, and a timeline for more advanced editing.

Clipchamp has since become the main video editing tool on Windows 11, according to Microsoft. The company revealed last September that it has updated the Photos app and removed the video editing tools from it. This means that users can only use Clipchamp instead to edit their videos on Windows 11.

Microsoft says that this feature to integrate with commer is rolling out gradually to all Clipchamp users over the next few weeks. Users can check if they have the option to sign in with a work account by clicking on the “Sign in with Microsoft” button on the Clipchamp website.

Microsoft also plans to integrate Clipchamp more deeply with its other products and services in the future, such as Teams, PowerPoint, and Windows. The company says that it is committed to enhancing Clipchamp's capabilities and user experience, while maintaining its simplicity and accessibility.