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Clipchamp Becomes Windows 11 Default Video-Editing App

Microsoft says Clipchamp is now an inbox app on Windows 11 and will serve as the default video editing suite on the platform.


If you're like me and crave the days of the epic Windows Movie Maker, let it go folks. While that app is consigned to history, is today debuting a new default video-editing tool for . Well, new is not really a good description because the app is , a company Microsoft acquired last year.

At the time of the acquisition, Microsoft's interest in Clipchamp was folding the app into . It would give enterprise users a method to access web-based without using a third-party solution.

It was never an amazing fit because the app is for non-creatives and non-professionals. That means it is a rather muted experience the productivity focused Microsoft 365 package.

It now seems Microsoft is extending Clipchamp into the consumer space by bundling it with Windows 11. According to the company, Clipchamp is an “inbox” app on the OS. This essentially means it comes with all new Windows 11 hardware.


Clipchamp provides editing tools such as filters, styles, templates and more all available online. Thanks to features like , styles, transitions, and a timeline, it does retain some pro-grade abilities. Alongside the video creation and multi-track audio capabilities, Microsoft is adding a new Azure-powered feature.

Specifically, a text-to-speech editor that allows users to create voiceovers in over 70 languages. As you might expect, the app also integrates directly with OneDrive for file sharing and cloud storage.

Clipchamp is an online app. Microsoft has not said if there will be an offline mode available for Windows users who don't want to be attached to the cloud all the time.

At the moment, the change is on the Dev Channel for Insiders.

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