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Microsoft 365 Insiders Get New Teleprompter View in PowerPoint

PowerPoint for Windows now includes a new Teleprompter view for video recording, making it easier to create professional-looking videos.


has rolled out a new update for PowerPoint for Windows for Office Insiders in the Beta channel. The update brings some improvements to the video recording and teleprompter features of the app, which can help users create more engaging and professional presentations.

According to the release notes, the update adds the ability to adjust the speed of the teleprompter, which is a feature that displays the speaker notes on the screen while recording a video. Users can now choose from five different speeds, ranging from slow to fast, depending on their preference and pace. Additionally, users can also pause and resume the teleprompter at any time during the recording.

You will need to have Version 2306 (Build 16529.20000) or later installed to access the new features.  The new Teleprompter view in PowerPoint makes it easier to record videos for meetings, online presentations, and more.

What Does Teleprompter View Do?

  • A live preview of your video: This allows you to see yourself as you record, so you can make sure you are looking good and projecting the right message.
  • A scrolling text area: This displays the text of your presentation, so you can read it aloud as you record.
  • A timer: This shows how much time has elapsed since you started recording, so you can stay on track.
  • A record button: This starts and stops recording.

To use the new Teleprompter view, simply open a PowerPoint presentation and click on the “Recording Studio” tab. Then, click on the “Teleprompter” button. The Teleprompter view will appear, and you can start recording.

Power BI Data Presentations in PowerPoint

In other PowerPoint news, I reported today on a new Power BI integration into PowerPoint. Organizational app charts let you visualize and interact with your organization's hierarchy and relationships. You can create them from the Power BI service or Excel files, and customize their look and feel. You can also drill down into the chart to see more details or explore scenarios.

Exporting Power BI reports to PowerPoint slides lets you share your data insights with others who don't use Power BI. You can select pages from your report and export them as slides, with the same format, visuals, and filters. You can then edit, annotate, or animate the slides as you like, or use them for presentations.

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