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Power BI Enhances PowerPoint with App Chart Sharing

Power BI now lets users embed charts from organizational apps into PowerPoint presentations. This enhances data storytelling, collaboration, and decision-making.


Power BI, Microsoft's business analytics service, has announced two new features that aim to make it easier for users to share and present their data insights through the PowerPoint app on .

The first feature is the ability to create organizational app charts, which are interactive visualizations that show the hierarchy and relationships of employees in an organization. The second feature is the ability to export Power BI reports to PowerPoint slides, which can then be shared with others or used for presentations.

Organizational app charts are a new type of Power BI app that can be created from the Power BI service or from Excel files. Users can customize the appearance and layout of the charts, as well as add filters, slicers, and tooltips to provide more context and interactivity.

Users can also drill down into specific nodes or branches of the chart to see more details or explore different scenarios. Organizational app charts can help users understand the structure and dynamics of their organization, as well as identify key influencers, collaborators, and decision-makers.

File Exports from Power BI to PowerPoint

Exporting Power BI reports to PowerPoint slides is a new feature that allows users to easily share their data insights with others who may not have access to Power BI. Users can select one or more pages from their Power BI reports and export them as PowerPoint slides, with each page becoming a separate slide.

The exported slides will retain the formatting, visuals, and filters of the original report, but will not be interactive or connected to the data source. Users can then edit, annotate, or add animations to the slides as they wish, or use them for presentations.

also plans to add more features to the drawing tools in PowerPoint on the web in the future. For example, users will be able to partially erase their strokes using the Point Eraser tool on the Draw tab in the second half of 2023. Users will also be able to use a laser pointer in Slideshow mode to draw the attention of their audience to important sections in a slide or to temporarily ink on slides to emphasize key elements of their content.

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