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More Windows Cloud PC Changes Point to the Future of Microsoft’s Platform

Windows 365 is now adding the ability to connect multiple Cloud PC provider, but the feature is hidden on Windows 11 preview builds.


is rolling out some new features for , its service. Currently hidden in the latest Windows Insider build (25330), Microsoft is now allowing Windows 365 users to connect multiple Cloud PC providers.

This information comes from Microsoft watcher Albacore, who took to Twitter to also show new Windows Cloud PC UX elements.

To use multiple vendors users must be registered with a Cloud PC provider along with a remote system bound to it. These components are necessary because without them the Settings page and virtual desktop elements remain hidden.

Speaking of hidden, these changes are currently not visible in preview build 25330. Like all hidden preview features, you will need a third-party tool to unlock them. This is because the change is unstable and Microsoft is not ready to offer it more widely.

Windows 365

During July 2021, Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC, a virtual version of the OS available in the cloud. In August of the same year, Microsoft matured Cloud PC with the launch of Windows 365.

Windows 365 brings the Windows platform to Microsoft cloud through Azure. The platform is a secure version of Windows that includes apps, settings, and data. It is available corporate and personal devices.

Last November, Microsoft merged Windows 365 with Azure Virtual Desktop. The company is increasingly steering Windows to become a cloud platform. Certainly, cloud will play a big part in and Microsoft has recently been making changes to prepare for the next generation of the operating system.

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