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Microsoft’s PowerPoint Copilot Uses ChatGPT-like AI to Auto-Build Presentations

Microsoft is likely to announce PowerPoint Copilot, a ChatGPT-like AI that will auto-generate presentations on the web.


's “The Future of Work with AI” event is happening today. The company is expected to announce several enterprise and productivity-focused AI integrations. One of them has leaked ahead of time, showing a new PowerPoint feature that will allow AI to generate presentations automatically.

Copilot is the term Microsoft is using for connective across products. For example, Bing Chat and Edge are copilot products through the search . According to WalkingCat on Twitter, Microsoft is going to introduce PowerPoint Copilot today.

It seems this tool will include a -like AI that will generate presentations for users. In fact, it is likely that it will be ChatGPT or at least an AI based on 's chatbot.

Copilot will sit in the sidebar and debut as an exclusive feature for PowerPoint for the web. Users can prompt the assistant to build a presentation based on a Word document. The AI will then create draft presentations with slides from the content it was given.

It seems the level of generation will be extensive, with users even able to instruct the AI to add animations to slides or use specific styles. Of course, this will be a handy tool for users who are not familiar with PowerPoint who need to create a quality presentation. It may also be handy for students who want to simply cheat their way through their next presentation.

Google Productivity AI

Microsoft has been leading the way with AI announcements in recent months. Certainly, the announcement of Bing Chat left scrambling to launch if own Bard chatbot. However, PowerPoint Copilot is one instance where the company is lagging behind Google.

Earlier this week, Google announced that it is adding AI to Workspace apps Docs, Slides, Gmail, and other apps. That AI will work in a similar way to Copilot in PowerPoints.

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