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LinkedIn Launches Collaborative Articles Combining AI and Human Content

LinkedIn is now offering Collaborative Articles, content that starts with AI prompts before human experts add their thoughts.


has announced a new feature known as Collaborative Articles. According to the -owned business social network, the feature combines AI and human input to create content. That content will tap into “experts” on the platform to help give insights that other users can read.

In a blog post on Friday, LinkedIn confirmed that it uses AI to as dropping off points for people to write content. As the company says, Collaborative Articles use “AI-powered conversation starters”. Human experts then take these starters and build an article on it.

To do this, LinkedIn matches “each article with relevant member experts” by using its skills graph. based on its skills graph. Experts are then sent an invite to build on the conversation starter and create content that offers advice to other users:

“And, that's when the real magic happens: when professionals share real-life, specific advice by contributing their perspectives to the work questions we're all facing every day. Because starting a conversation is harder than joining one, these collaborative articles make it easier for professionals to come together and add and improve ideas — which is how shared knowledge is created.”

Since launching the service at the end of last week, over 40 Collaborative Articles have been published. However, the content is receiving mixed reception from users. Some are getting praise for offering sound advice, while others are claiming the articles are confusing or pointless. While AI can get things wrong, all that feedback is consistent to what regular articles would also get.

Microsoft's AI Push

It is no surprise to see LinkedIn tap into AI. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in January the company would be adding AI to all its services. We have already see this happen with Bing Chat, which is powered by 's .

Microsoft has also made Azure OpenAI Service generally available, and is working on integrating AI into Office and Windows. Just today, the company announced its new AI-driven Dynamics 365 Copilot.

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