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Bing Chat Has Plenty of Hidden Talents like Playing Chess and Creating ASCII Artwork

Users are managing to get Bing Chat to do plenty of tasks outside of regular search, such as Office integrations and recipe creation.


is an engine that released in preview last month. However, the company's Prometheus engine that powers new Bing is based on the ChatGPT chatbot. That means Bing Chat can do a lot more than simply surface search results. What exactly? Well, Neowin reports on the hidden skills of the Bing AI, including creating ASCII artwork, making recipes, and playing chess.

Starting with ASCII artwork, Bing Chat will create this art if you request it to draw something for you. At the moment, the AI isn't turning up quality pieces of art. As for recipes, Reddit user “offbeat85”  shows how Microsoft's search AI can find direct links to recipes if you input the ingredients you have available at home.

Microsoft has been clear that it will integrate AI into all its services, including Office apps. While we await the full idea behind that commitment, Bing Chat is already working with Office. Reddit user “MightEnlightenYou”  found that Bing can help in Office apps, albeit in a limited way.

Bing Chat can generate Excel spreadsheets or handle some tasks in PowerPoint, although not transition slides or create animations.


You can even play chess with Bing Chat. Reddit user “Ancient_Community175” says they were able to convince the AI to play chess through a series of inventive questions. However, the results are hardly very good at the moment. This ability stems from the AI that underpins Microsoft's new Bing.

ChatGPT can play chess, but its current ELO is off the scale terrible. During chess games, ChatGPT just blindly cheats by moving pieces in illegal ways, adding new pieces to the board, teleporting pieces to replace others, and other nonsense. Who knows, perhaps the AI is attempting to create a new version of the game.

As with all things related to Bing Chat and ChatGPT, we are still in the early days of the technology. The AI will improve and its capabilities outside of normal search will get better with time.

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