At the end of the year, the Surface Laptop Studio will have its second birthday, which means it is time for it to be replaced. Microsoft is said to be developing the Surface Laptop Studio 2 to replace the original model released in October 2021. Microsoft is aiming for a spring launch and a recent benchmark reportedly shows some of the specs for the upcoming laptop.

A Microsoft device has recently passed through the new Geekbench 6 benchmark under the codename “Ersa”. Considering the specs, this is almost certainly the Surface Laptop Studio 2. There are also multiple configurations that will be available across different price points when it launches.

On Geekbench, the device is running an Intel Core i7-13800H CPU and Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU. There are reports the device will become the first Surface product to have up to 64GB of memory. In terms of the results, the benchmark shows the upcoming laptop scores much better than the current i7 Surface Laptop Studio.


Customers will be hoping for a significant spec bump. Last year, Microsoft finally updated the desktop Surface Studio. However, instead of a completely new generation, the Surface Studio 2+ is an incredibly disappointing device with old hardware.

Hopefully Microsoft will be more caring towards the Laptop Studio 2. It is very unlikely that the company will update the design of the device. However, the internal hardware is expected to through a generational upgrade.

Microsoft does not really make a big deal of Surface product launches anymore, so I expect the Surface Laptop Studio 2 to be quietly rolled out during the second quarter.

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