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Spotify “DJ” AI Helps You Find the Music You Like

Spotify is debuting a new AI known as DJ that will curate special playlists and provide voice feedback on the music you listen to.


You can't be a tech company in 2023 without investing in AI. Artificial Intelligence has hit the mainstream over the last few months and all companies are finding ways to offer AI solutions to customers. giant is the latest, with the company debuting a new AI model known as “DJ”.

Yeah, that's an aptly named title for an AI on a music app. With this tool, Spotify will automatically create a personalized selection of songs for you. It combines customization tools on the app such as Discover Weekly with content from your home screen.

Spotify has always tried to offer personalized music through recommendations. For example, Discover Weekly and content on the homepage show songs/artists you may enjoy listening to based on your current and previous listening habits.

DJ is making its debut today in preview for premium users in the United States and Canada. DJ essentially creates a playlist of songs that you already love from your library, tunes you may have forgotten, and new tracks that it thinks you will enjoy. As the name suggests, this AI acts as an actual DJ because it speaks to you.

AI Functional

The AI curation comes from Sonantic, an AI company Spotify purchased last year, while voice processing is courtesy of OpenAI. DJ details what it is going to play and why. Tapping the DJ button will give you information on upcoming songs with voice feedback.

Spotify points out that all the AI dialog is live and generated in the moment by . However, the company says the AI will not get everything right. The company's VP of personalization Ziad Sultan told Engadget in a demo that Spotify created a team to ensure the AI is providing useful and relevant information alongside the music.

“We've built a very specific use case, and we've made a few choices about how it'll be implemented,” he says. “The most important one is the creation of that writer's room – we're taking this [AI] tool and putting it into the hands of music experts.”

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