Earlier this month, we reported on rumored leaks of the specs we can expect with the iPhone 15 Ultra. One of the big hardware changes is the introduction of USB-C, something Apple is being forced to implement. In a new leak, we are also seeing the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro, and more details about the overall design of the phone.

This leaked image shows what seems to be a titanium design for the iPhone 15 Pro, also highlighting that USB-C port. It is worth noting the image was shared by Unknownz21 on Twitter, a typically accurate source for Apple leaks.

In terms of the design of the bottom of the iPhone 15 Pro, it is almost identical to the iPhone 14 Pro. Of course, the main difference is the USB-C port instead of the Lightning port. However, in terms of port placement, screw locations, and speakers, the design is the same.

The European Parliament, European Council, and other groups within the nation bloc have created official legislation that mandates all smartphones and tablets sold in the EU to have USB-C. This regulation will come into effect by 2024. India has taken a similar stance, banning Lightning ports in favor of USB-C.


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That meant Apple was forced to ditch the Lightning port and finally turn to USB-C after years of rejecting the standard.

As for the standard iPhone 15 and the new iPhone 15 Ultra, they too will have the USB-C port. As for the Ultra, it is a new premium model that will essentially replace the iPhone Max series.

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