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iPhone 15 Ultra: Rumors of a New Top-of-the-Line iPhone Emerge

The device could feature additional camera improvements, a faster chip, a larger display, and a portless design without Lightning or USB-C.


is reportedly considering the release of a new premium to join the Pro and Pro Max models. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the company is discussing the possibility of introducing this top-of-the-line device in 2024 at the earliest, potentially as part of the iPhone 16 lineup or later.

In a September 2022 edition of his newsletter “Power On,” Gurman mentioned the “potential” for an iPhone 15 Ultra to replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, in a recent edition of the newsletter, he suggests that Apple might choose to release the Ultra as a separate, high-end, and pricier model next year.

Replacement for iPhone Pro Max

Gurman explains that instead of renaming the Pro Max to “Ultra,” the tech giant is considering adding a new, even more premium iPhone above both the Pro models.

He speculates that the new device could have additional camera improvements, a faster processor, a larger display, and perhaps a portless design, lacking Lightning or USB-C ports. He mentions that the device would be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099.

IPhone Lineup Probably Getting More Expensive

iPhone 15 Pro models may be set to become even more expensive due to a drop in sales of iPhone 14 models, according to display analyst Ross Young. The iPhone 14 has fallen behind the iPhone 13 in sales, with supply chain constraints cited as the reason by Apple during its Q4 earnings call.

However, Young's analysis of display shipments reveals that sales of the iPhone 14 Plus have significantly declined. This supports the speculation that Apple may adjust the pricing of its iPhone 15 models to rectify the situation.

Young, known for his accurate track record, shared a graph of display shipments for all iPhone 14 models. It reveals that before the release of the iPhone 14 in August, Apple procured roughly equal numbers of displays for each model. However, by October, orders for the iPhone 14 Plus had halved, and by November, orders had fallen a further 80%, with orders stopping completely by December and January.

iPhone 14 supply chain data - Ross Young
iPhone 14 supply chain data – Ross Young

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