Vuzix Ultralite Smart Glasses OEM Platform

OpenAI has become a major force in tech within the space of just a few months. The AI developer that Microsoft has invested heavily in has released ChatGPT and transformed the world. As OpenAI continues to grow, its AI will become more mainstream in more products. It seems that smart glasses firm Vuzix is the next to integrate OpenAI models into its devices.

Vuzix Ultralite OEM is a platform for its next generation of smart glasses. While just a reference, the platform will allow OEMs to create a new lightweight smart glasses product that will leverage the “fast-growing capabilities” or OpenAI’s Visual GPT AI.

“The Ultralite platform, with its low weight, see-though display, fashionable design, with the flexibility to add technology from sensing cameras to mics, along with a two-day battery life, presents the state-of the-art solution for the broader markets.  Combining the amazing capabilities of AI-based programs such as ChatGPT and visual search with the true wearability and functionality of the Ultralite Platform puts it in a league of its own,” says Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix.  

“As a technology leader, Vuzix has been working, with our partners, on AI and Machine Learning for years.  It is great to see consumer and enterprise acceptance of these technologies grow and this will surely lead to a greater focus on Regenerative AI, Visual GPT, GPT-3 and other technologies from Vuzix and our partners.”

Next Gen Platform

Smart glasses built on the platform will be consumer-grade and will feature augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

Vuzix explains that the Ultralite OEM is a “fashion forward” design with a total mass of just 38 grams. The company adds that the device will last 2 days of battery.

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