Opera, a prominent player in the web browser market, has set its sights on integrating ChatGPT with its cutting-edge AI language model into its products, according to CNBC. With the specifics of the plan yet to be revealed, it’s clear that Opera is making a bold move in the AI space.

The integration of ChatGPT into Opera’s offerings is an ambitious move, aimed at propelling the company to the forefront of the rapidly-evolving AI landscape. As the market for AI technologies continues to soar, Opera seeks to set itself apart by delivering unparalleled experiences powered by the GPT large language model. The details of the integration and availability have not been disclosed yet, but the company is poised to make a major impact with its incorporation of ChatGPT.

Microsoft is reportedly developing a system that will allow customers to access ChatGPT features to build their own chatbots. Microsoft has used its AI keynote event on Tuesday to announce a deep integration of artificial intelligence within a new version of its Bing search engine. Following Microsoft, Google is set to release its own Bard chatbot next month, aimed to be the next big thing in the AI and search industries.

Small but solid market share

It’s worth noting that Opera’s current market share in the desktop browser space is relatively modest, holding only 3% compared to the dominant market leader Google with 66.39%. However, with its integration of ChatGPT, Opera is seeking to challenge the status quo and establish itself as a major player in the AI market.

Opera’s integration of ChatGPT is a strategic move that positions the company as a critical player in the rapidly-growing AI landscape. As other tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Baidu, and Alibaba also enter the race to launch AI-powered products, it will be fascinating to see how Opera differentiates itself and brings a unique blend to the market.