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Microsoft Working on Giving Businesses the Power of ChatGPT to Build Chatbots

Microsoft is reportedly developing a system that will allow customers to access ChatGPT features to build their own chatbots.


Over the last month, I have been charting the rapid rise of AI into the mainstream public consciousness. and have been driving the growth, mostly through ChatGPT and various partnerships and integrations. However, Microsoft is now working on giving everyone the chance to develop their own .

A report from CNBC suggests Microsoft is working on technology that will allow companies to build and release their own chatbots by leveraging ChatGPT AI. The platform could be ready for launch by the end of the year.

By giving organizations gaining the ability to access the underlying technology of ChatGPT, Microsoft will be allowing customers to build custom chatbots for schools and businesses. Microsoft will seemingly work with long-time partner OpenAI in developing the new technology.

OpenAI's ChatGPT natural language processing AI has brought artificial intelligence into the mainstream spotlight. However, the AI has been found wanting in terms of accuracy. ChatGPT sometimes surfaces responses that seem accurate but are actually incorrect. This led to Stack Overflow temporarily banning the AI, while the New York City education department says it cannot be used in schools in the city.

ChatGPT Growth

With newer versions of ChatGPT already available and third-party developers showing the possibilities of combining with chatbots, Microsoft is likely to use more accurate versions of the AI. Yesterday I reported on how a Microsoft Developer has created a chatbot that leverages ChatGPT to provide human-like conversational responses.

This is potentially the kind of outcome Microsoft is looking towards. Microsoft yesterday revealed ChatGPT is becoming a fundamental part of Bing and Microsoft Edge.

By bringing conversational natural language processing AI into search, Microsoft says it is taking that innovative step. The company promises more fluid search results with life-like responses. Furthermore, the new Bing will also become a feature in Microsoft Edge. The company says this will be a “sleeker, lighter, integrated Bing in a really cool new way.”

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Last Updated on February 23, 2023 1:51 pm CET

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