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Google Voice Gains Spam Call Warnings

Google Voice will now warn users when a call is suspected of being a scam, allowing them to take appropriate action.


Voice is receiving a handy update that will help users know when a call is coming from a scammer. According to the company in a blog post says that a red “suspected spam caller” warning will appear when a caller is suspected of being a scam.

So, how does Google Voice know when a call is a scam? Well, the app will be “using the same advanced artificial intelligence” model Google uses within its usual phone application on .

If Google flashes the scam label, you have the option to confirm it is a scam call or say that it is a legit call. If you label the call as a scam, Google Voice will block all calls from the contact thereafter, sending them straight to voicemail. If you flag the call as legit, Google will no longer label the contact as a potential scam in the future.

It is worth pointing out that Google Voice has been able to automatically send suspected spam calls to voicemail for years. Furthermore, the app has always provided the ability to screen calls before you answer.



What is different with the new feature is that it was never intuitive enough for people who receive calls from unknown numbers. Google says that automatic spam labeling is on by default on the app. It is possible to turn it off by heading to Settings > Security > Filter spam.

Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging.

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