A new iPad Mini is currently in development, but Apple is unlikely to launch it until the end of next year or early 2024. That’s according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with TF International Securities.

In a tweet thread today, Kuo points out Apple is currently working on the next iPad Mini. As is usually the case with Apple products, it is unlikely the new model will have a fresh design. Instead, the big selling point of the product will be the processor.

That means users will see a spec bump over the current model, which was launched in 2021. Considering two years would have passed, I hope that bump is significant. As a refresher, the current iPad Mini has an A15 Bionic chip, 8.3-inch display, Touch ID, 5G, and USB-C. It currently costs $499 for the 64GB model.

While Kuo is hedging his bets and saying an early 2024 launch is possible. However, the late 2023 launch is more likely considering Apple’s usual device schedule.


As for the folding iPad, that is still not likely to make an appearance in 2025 as Apple’s first folding device. The company is likely to launch a folding iPhone after the iPad.

While consumers have a new iPad Mini to look forward to, they may be saying goodbye to the iPhone SE. I reported last week on Kuo’s prediction that Apple will ditch the budget iPhone model in 2024.

While the $400 price tag is enticing if you want an entry point into the iPhone and iOS, the SE is apparently not selling well. There is a huge selection of excellent smartphones in the same price bracket as the iPhone SE. Unless a customer especially wants a low-cost iOS device, there are better options on Android.

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