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Apple Likely to Dtich the iPhone SE in 2024

Due to lower-than-expected sales, Apple is likely to postpone the iPhone SE 4 in 2023 and may cancel the series entirely.


currently has a new SE available alongside the flagship iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max flagships. This third generation of the affordable iPhone model may be the last we get. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to postpone the 2024 iteration of the iPhone SE and may cancel the device entirely.

In a tweet thread, Kuo explains that sales of the device are not going well. If you're unfamiliar with the SE, it is an affordable version of the iPhone that uses older designs and hardware but provides access to the newest software.

While the $400 price tag is enticing if you want an entry point into the iPhone and iOS, the SE is apparently not selling well. There is a huge selection of excellent in the same price bracket as the iPhone SE. Unless a customer especially wants a low cost iOS device, there are better options on .

It is an issue Apple is facing across all price points apart from the flagship level. The iPhone 13 Mini and regular iPhone 14 are also not selling well, according to Kuo. Again, other options at the same price point are more attractive to casual consumers who are not especially invested in iOS.

Varying Success

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are selling in huge numbers as usual. It seems consumers see value in top end smartphones but less in more affordable iPhones.

Apple was exploring continuing the iPhone SE line into 2024 and was even going to update the design. The current model has the same design as the iPhone 8, which means bezels and a home button. Apple was going to upgrade the SE 4 to have the same design as the iPhone X, all-screen with the Notch.

Kuo says that will not happen now as Apple considers the future of the device. A postponement is likely next year, but the SE line may be discontinued entirely.

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