Meta says it is willing to stop Facebook News from sharing content in the United States in protest of a proposed Journalism Bill. The company is unhappy with the specifics of the bill and will shutter its news-sharing service if it goes ahead.

The bill in question would give news outlets – both online and offline – the ability to negotiate deals with tech giants to get compensation for the content platforms like Facebook curate. However, Meta disagrees with the proposals.

According to the company, the legislation would set a precedent that would create cartels that could lead to a situation where one company is effectively subsidizing smaller companies. In a tweet, the company says it would likely remove its news sharing platform in the U.S. rather than comply with new regulations.

Australia has already embraced a similar system through its News Media Bargaining Code. That law was launched in 2021 and forces tech giants to reach deals with news outlets regarding remuneration when they link them in feeds and on their services. Facebook immediately stopped its news-sharing capabilities in the country.

Microsoft Support

However, Microsoft was a supporter of the Australian law. In fact, the company’s president, Brad Smith, called for similar regulations in the U.S:

“I’m hopeful that the Biden administration will support and embrace this kind of policy to redress the imbalance between something like a search service by Google and the position of the news publishers,” he told Business Insider at the time.

Well, that could now happen with the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2022. Even so, it seems Meta is not going to comply and says no company should not be forced into paying for content users may not want to see.

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