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Report: Microsoft to Open a Surface Duo Insider Program

Microsoft could be readying a Surface Duo Insider Program for its Android smartphone, according to recent evidence.


It is unclear what the future of 's smartphone series is. There has been no Surface Duo 3 launch this year, and there are question marks over the device. However, Microsoft seems to still be backing the existing Surface Duo and by creating a Surface Duo Insider Program.

Major phone brands give customers access to preview features and updates, allowing them to giv feedback ahead of a public release. Of course, Microsoft also does this in a big way across Windows, Office, and other services with its Insider Programs.

However, there has never been an Insider Program for the company's smartphone. However, a developer who works with the Surface Duo says there are traces of a Surface Insider Program. Gustave Monce has previously got Windows 10 and Windows 11 to work on the Surface Duo.

When rummaging in the software of the device, he found the mention of the Insider Program. Monce says the program is locked behind two mechanisms, so it is not open to accepting Insiders. Perhaps Microsoft will debut the program one day or simply built it into the Duo software just in case.

Honestly, the latter option seems most likely considering the current situation with the Surface Duo.

End of the Road?

While there are constant rumours Microsoft is working on a third generation of the smartphone, it has now been over a year since the Duo 2 made its debut. Considering that the device isn't generating buzz in terms of sales or overall impressions, it is increasingly likely that Microsoft will abandon the Duo series.

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