Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is an interesting smartphone in its own right. It has two screens – both on the inside – and runs on Android. One of the big questions around the Duo is whether Microsoft will ever port Windows for the smartphone. Well, that seems a no from Microsoft’s end, but that does not stop developers from opening doors.

We have had Windows 11 running on the original Surface Duo for some time, but the Surface Duo 2 until now had not been ported. That is changing thanks to Gustave Monce, the same dev who also handled bringing Windows to the OS Surface Duo.

He has now managed to get it to also run on the Surface Duo 2. However, this is a work in process that has limitations. At the moment, only the UFS, left display, and one processor core work. Monce says he will continue development to get wider functionality.

Monce had to Frankenstein the Surface Duo 2 to get Windows 11 working on the device. So, he took the $1,499 smartphone and essentially damaged it beyond repair.

Third Generation?

Microsoft’s Surface Event 2022 has been and gone, with no announcement for a new Surface Duo (3). Considering smartphones almost always upgrade each year, it seems like Microsoft has opted out of building the third generation of its smartphone.

While the company has not officially ditched the Duo, it does seem increasingly likely that the company is once again staring down a failure in the smartphone market. It would have been nice to see Microsoft take the hit on this device in the pursuit of perfecting its vision.

You can check out the full GitHub entry to see how Monce installs Windows 11 on the Surface Duo 2.

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