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Surface Duo Is Close to Running Windows 11

Developer Gustave Monce has managed to get Windows 11 running on the original Surface Duo with Bluetooth mouse support.


The and are 's new smartphone devices that run the platform. While the dual-screen handsets have not had amazing reviews, they remain unique devices in the mobile world. For many users, one of the dreams of owning a Duo is being able to run on a smartphone.

Now, one independent developer is one step closer to making that happen on the original Surface Duo. Gustave Monce has been attempting to get Windows 11 running on the two screens of the Duo. He has experience in this area having successfully got Windows running on old Lumia .

Monce now reports he has made a significant step in his Surface Dup project. Specifically, the developer has Windows 11 running on both screens of the Duo at the same time. This is similar to how the OS would run on a dual-monitor setup.

According to Monce, this has been difficult to achieve but he says the performance of Windows 11 in this scenario is “very good”.

Up and Running

In a video to highlight the success, Monce discusses how Windows 11 can be controlled with a Bluetooth mouse. However, he says the touch screens currently do not control the OS, although he plans to fix this in the future.

In a second clip, the developer shows how the Adreno GPU works when running Windows 11. As you might expect, there are plenty of bugs too. Aside from a lack of touch support, there is no LTE capability, sensors are patchy (such as the gyroscope for rotation), and the camera doesn't work.

Monce points out none of these are permanent unfixable situations. He will continue to tweak and experiment to achieve full functionality. It is also worth noting his Windows 11 boot does not work on the Surface Duo 2.

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