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Apple iPhone Production Rocked by Chaos at Foxconn China Plant

Apple is facing an iPhone Pro production reduction amid ongoing protests at Foxconn’s main China manufacturing plant.


Turmoil in 's main Zhengzhou manufacturing plant is causing to lose millions of Pro units, reports suggest. In fact, the company will have 6 million fewer iPhone Pro units ready this year because of disruptions to assembly operations.

In October, I reported on Foxconn issues in Zhengzhou amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in . The country is still swept by the virus and the Chinese government has taken a hardcore approach.

At the time, the city government locked down Zhengzhou, which has a population of 10 million. Staff were forced to lockdown at the factory and there are reports of worker unrest and employees finding ways to escape.

Foxconn says it is trying to offset the reduction by increasing iPhone manufacturing at its Shenzhen plant.

However, since then employees have begun protesting, joining wider mass protests around China. People are hitting back against strict COVID measures. These demonstrations have further put back production of Apple iPhone 14 Pro models.


A source told Bloomberg that the situation is fluid and total estimates for lost production are not final. Even so, it is clear that Apple will see a reduction numbering millions of units this year. The situation could deteriorate further as COVID restrictions are likely to continue in China. Lockdowns and protection could hit production further.

Foxconn is Apple's biggest manufacturing partner and the main producer of iPhone devices. There are around 200,000 people working at its main Zhengzhou factory but there has been a COVID outbreak in the workforce.

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