Microsoft Excel Enjoys October Feature Expansion

Microsoft Excel got a few interesting additions through October, including Office Scripts, a new command shortcut, and more.


As is now customary, is ending the month by rounding up the new features that have come to its spreadsheet app during the month. For October, has been rolling out changes to the various version of across web, mobile, and PC in preview and full release.

In recent months, such as in September, Microsoft has been throwing new tools at . October has been slightly more modest but still provides some handy new additions.

Starting with for the web, users can now leverage a new utility that allows them to efficiently search commands through a shortcut menu. This is a quicker alternative to moving through numerous menus or learning more complex shortcuts.

Instead, simply bring up the quick shortcut menu to commands.

Other Features

Over on , the Excel app is also getting that new shortcut menu. Furthermore, there is also a new sleeker navigation pane that Microsoft says is easier to use. The company says users with large spreadsheets will benefit from the pane.

On the Insider Beta ring for the Microsoft Excel preview app, there is a new automation system through Office Scripts. Also in preview, Microsoft is adding support for 92 new DAX functions and a Ctrl + Shift + V paste for values.

Lastly, on Excel for Mac, Office Scripts automation is also becoming available to testers on the Insider Beta ring.

And that is it. Hardly the most extensive monthly changelog but still a collection of new benefits for Excel users.

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