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Xbox October Update Adds TV Volume Controls and Silent Startup

In its latest monthly update for the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft is adding Silent start, TV volume controls, and Xbox home feature.


is rolling out its monthly update for the Xbox platform, bringing a bunch of interesting changes to the |S consoles. While nothing is going to change your Xbox experience greatly, the latest additions are helpful.

Let's jump right into what is landing on Xbox this month:

Change your TV volume – New CEC feature for Xbox Series X|S 

On both Xbox Series X and Series S, users can now leverage an HDMI tool known as Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) that allows CEC devices to receive commands. When these TVs are connected to the Xbox consoles, users can now control TV volume from the audio and music section.

“To get started, press the Xbox button on your controller to pull up the guide and navigate to the Audio & music section, where you'll see buttons for you to change your TV volume or mute it. This eliminates the need to reach for your TV remote to change the volume mid-game or movie.”

Mute your startup audio

Microsoft says many Xbox Series X|S users have been asking for a silent startup, and now here it is. That means it is now possible to mute all sounds when the Xbox starts up (this feature is optional).

“Go to Profile & system > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options and select Mute startup sounds. You can also now adjust the power chime from this page.”

Select or change your home Xbox 


You can now make your Xbox the home console, which allows friends, family, and guests to access content and games even if you are not signed in. This also includes the ability to play digital games offline, something that frankly should have been available years ago.

“We're adding some new setup screens to make it easier for you to select and change your home console when you set up your new Xbox.”

Changes to Xbox power mode names

Another new feature is the ability to set up both the Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles in different power modes. Microsoft is adding a tool that tells you information about which power mode is best for your usage options:

““Standby” is updated to “Sleep” and “Energy saver” is updated to “Shutdown (energy saving)”. To see the power settings for your Xbox, press the Xbox button to open the guide and select Profile & system > Settings > General > Power options.”

Xbox controller firmware update

Microsoft is also issuing a firmware update that makes several bug fixes for the following controllers:

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controllers
  • Xbox Adaptive Controllers
  • Xbox One Wireless Controllers with support

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