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DDR5 Memory Price to Drop amid Falling PC Shipments

DDR5 memory manufacturing is maturing just as PC shipments decline, meaning a significant price drop for the new type of RAM.


As the PC market continues to decline following the pandemic-era recovery, now may be a good time to buy your DDR5 memory. DRAM pricing has been falling in recent months but the lack of demand for the new DDR5 memory types will significantly lower costs.

According to a report from DigiTimes, production will ramp up in a big way in 2023 as the manufacturing of DDR5 RAM reaches maturity. However, the resulting modules will enter a market where consumers and businesses are not selling PCs in the same numbers.

As PC demand falls and shipments decline, consumers are less likely to be buying expensive DDR5 PCs. That will lead to manufacturers lowering prices on this expensive memory.

Many customers admit the cost of DDR5 memory stops them from upgrading their PCs. Lowering costs will make new platforms less expensive and thus more appealing to consumers. While the report signals a lowering of prices, it offers no predictions at what kind of changes we will see.

Falling PC Shipments

Earlier this month, market research firm IDC highlighted a renewed decline in :

“Consumer demand has remained muted though promotional activity from the likes of and other players has helped soften the fall and reduce channel inventory by a couple weeks across the board,” says Jitesh Ubrani, research manager for IDC's Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers.

“Supply has also reacted to the new lows by reducing orders with Apple being the only exception as their third quarter supply increased to make up for lost orders stemming from the lockdowns in China during the second quarter.”

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