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Bullitt Plans Smartphones with Satelitte Connectivity

Bullitt is taking on Apple’s iPhone 14 by providing satellite connectivity on a subscription model, and with more coverage.


In the world of smartphone manufacturers, you may not have heard Bullitt. However, the British company is planning to make a splash in the market and take on established names such as and Samsung. To do that, the company will deliver a smartphone that boasts satellite connectivity.

If you are unfamiliar with Bullitt, it is a company known for making ruggedized , most famously under the “CAT (Caterpillar)” brand.

It is worth noting there have been rumors that Apple is about to include a similar feature in its iPhone 14. too is also said to be exploring satellite connectivity for upcoming Pixel handsets.

One of the main benefits of satellite connectivity is it taps into the global satellite network to provide coverage. This means mobile connectivity in most areas – if not all – of the world. This is why satellite phones are used by adventurers and mountaineers heading to remote corners of the planet.

One of the problems is satellite phones are expensive. If a company can streamline the technology into a standard smartphone, it will provide blanket connectivity to users. While Apple and Google's satellite interest is in the realm of rumor, Bullitt is making the first charge in an official capacity.


However, this connectivity will not be free. Instead, Bullitt phone customers will need to pay a monthly subscription. That is also the same situation if you choose to buy a separate satellite phone. Google and Apple will also likely take a similar subscription path.

When a subscription is taken, Bullitt will send an SMS that the user replies back to through an accompanying application. The company partnered with chip maker Asia to create a CPU that can handle satellite calls. The subscription service will make its debut in February 2023.

That will be after the launch of the iPhone 14, so Apple will bring satellite connectivity to smartphones first. However, Apple's integration is said to be more limited. Specifically, it is though the iPhone 14 will only access satellite signals for sending SOS messages in North America exclusively.

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