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Microsoft Designer for Windows 11 Shows Up Again Online

Following a leak earlier this year, we now have more information about Microsoft Designer for Windows 11.


Back in May, the new app for leaked online, but few details were given on what exactly the app is. This week, digger WalkingCat has discovered a bit more information about Microsoft Designer, which is seemingly under the codename “Oasis.”

It seems like the Designer app will allow Windows 11 users to build slick LinkedIn and posts and stories, invitations, brochures, ads, and other forms of visual content.

Designer starts as an empty space that users can fill with their custom ideas using a Microsoft template.

The company accidentally rolled out a preview of the app for users via designer.microsoft.com but has since removed the tool. Although, the page remains live with the new Designer logo visible but is otherwise blank.

On the page, which was found by WalkingCat before being taken down, Microsoft Designer allows users to choose what type of content they want to create. Next, you are asked, “What would you like to say to your audience”. Users are also able to “Browse more templates at Microsoft Create.”

Microsoft points out Designer uses “your content and AI to create designs for you.”

Coming Soon?

So, it seems Microsoft Designer is a tool for creating visual content. The company is still silent on the exact purpose of the feature or when it will be available to users.

You may remember Microsoft has used the new Designer before, specifically for a feature in PowerPoint. Microsoft has maintained the feature since then with regular updates. It is worth noting this app seems to be a different experience.


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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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