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Build 2022: Microsoft Intelligence Data Platform Arrives to Unify Data and Governance Analytics

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a new integration of Microsoft products from Azure Analytics, Databases, and Governance.


It is no secret that wants to unify its data and analytics solutions into single platforms of integrated products. The company has been pushing this idea for a while, including the launch of Azure Synapse Analytics in 2020. At Build 2022 yesterday, the company introduced a new platform called Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

This new service sees Microsoft move its idea of unifying data towards governance. Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is an integration of analytics, databases, and governance solutions into a single product.

By gathering all elements under one product umbrella, Microsoft says it is taking another step towards unifying data in the cloud. This new product includes the Azure Data product line-up (Azure Data Explorer, Azure Data Factory, Azure AQL, Cosmos DB, SQL Server 2022, etc.) with Synapse Analytics, Power BI, and Microsoft Purview.

You may also see the kitchen sink in there.

Changing Data

In a blog post accompanying the announcement, Rohan Kumar Corporate Vice President, Azure Data says the platform takes a step forward in solving problems with data fragmentation:

“we shared several exciting announcements today at Microsoft Build that demonstrate our continued innovation and investment in the data products our customers have come to know and trust, which will enable our customers to achieve the kind of sustained agility that allows them to pivot and adapt in real-time, add layers of intelligence to their applications, unlock fast and predictive insights, and govern their data—wherever it resides.”

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is available now. You can read about the solution at Microsoft's official page here, which covers all the products in the suite.

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