How to Create Folders in Gmail

We show you how to make folders in Gmail on the web, as well as how to assign emails to single or multiple folders.

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Folders are an underutilized part of Gmail that can aid in the organization of your communications. Moving emails into distinct categories helps you to find them quickly in the future and collate ones of a similar subject. Today we're going to show you how to create folders in Gmail so you can try this for yourself.

Gmail folders vs labels

Folders in Gmail are called labels. Labels work similarly to folders in Outlook, but there's a key difference: an email can belong to multiple labels without being duplicated.

Still, folders and labels are similar enough that we'll use both names throughout this guide. With that disclaimer, here's how to add a folder in Gmail:

How to Create a New Folder in Gmail

Once you know that folders in Gmail are called labels, it's not too difficult to create one. You can just use the regular setting menu on your web client: 

  1. Press the cog in the top bar of your Gmail window

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Open Settings

  2. Press “See all settings”

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Settings - See All Settings

  3. Open the “Labels” tab and press “Create new label”

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Settings - Labels

  4. Name your folder in Gmail and press “Create”

    You can also choose whether you want to nest your folders in Gmail under other labels. For example, if you want a sub-category.

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Settings - Labels - Name New Label - Create

  5. Check the sidebar for your new Gmail folder

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Settings - Labels - Name New Label - Create - Result

  6. How to move emails to folders in Gmail

    There are several ways to move folders in Gmail, but the easiest it to just tick it, then click and drag it to your label.

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Drag & Drop Email to New Folder

  7. OR: Open a label and press the label icon above it, then tick your folder

    This will let you add the same email to multiple folders if you wish.

    Windows 11 - Gmail - Label Email

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