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Windows 11 File Explorer Getting Tabs Feature

Microsoft is testing tabs in the Windows 11 File Explorer, allowing users to open multiple folders at the same time.


has been making changes to the in that make it generally more user-friendly. Next on the agenda for the app is the inclusion of tabs. According to a developer for the EarTrumpt Windows app has found File Explorer tab support within this week's Windows 11 preview release.

As you might expect, the concept of tabs in the Windows 11 File Explorer work much like they do in a web browser. So, users will be able to open multiple folders at once. Microsoft has been testing this feature since Windows 10.

Back then it was known as Windows Sets and was much more ambitious than just the File Explorer. a tabbing system that will work across Windows 10. Essentially a universal tab ability for applications. Microsoft took Sets off development in 2019 but there was evidence in 2020 that it was back in development, at least in some capacity.

While tabbing in File Explorer may not be Sets, it is very similar. While it will transform the way the File Explorer works, Microsoft is not overhauling the interface of the app. Yes, the good old general design of the File Explorer – a design that has been ever-present since Windows 95 – will remain.

Other Changes

Despite keeping the UI the same, Microsoft is working to make the File Explorer more useful. Previews came to the app recently, while last month Microsoft added new Quick Access settings. Users  pin individual files and Office.com files to the Quick Access section of Windows 11 File Explorer.

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