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Russia to Maintain Twitter Slowdown as CEO Jack Dorsey Considers Future


Russian authorities say they will continue an enforced slowdown of on mobile platforms until the company removes illegal content. Roskomnadzor – 's state communications regulator – claims Twitter hosts illegal content. The confirmation comes amid rumors Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will leave his role.

However, Twitter argues it does not allow illegal content. Moscow has been taking a tough stance on companies. Reuters reports Roskomnadzor says Twitter hosts details on drug abuse, promotes suicide, and has child pornography.

Twitter denies the accusations and points to political motives. Specifically, Russia has been pushing tech giants to have official representation in the country. It has been issuing small fines to several Big Tech companies during the year.

The Twitter slowdown has been ongoing since March and the regulator says it will continue. When using the mobile app in Russia, videos and photos are clearly loading slower. Roskomnadzor says it has been requesting the removal of illegal material since 2014, but Twitter has only removed 90%.

CEO Stepping Aside

While Russia is a problem, the big news in the Twitterverse at the moment is the future of CEO Jack Dorsey. According to CNBC, Dorsey is considering stepping down as CEO of the company he co-founded. The 45-year-old is also CEO of Square, the digital payments company he founded.

There has been no official word on Dorsey's intentions, or who would succeed him as chief of Twitter.

Dorsey survived a plot to remove him as CEO last year. Stakeholder Elliot Management sought to oust Dorsey. Paul Singer, the founder of the investment firm argued Dorsey should not be heading both Twitter and Square and urged him to pick one. A deal was struck to end the upheaval.

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