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Microsoft Teams with Shopify for Bing and Edge Integration

A new Shopify collaboration will also be available on Microsoft Start as well as Bing and Edge, adding merchant products to the Shopping tab.


has opened a partnership with Shopify that will integrate with , , and . Specifically, the collaboration will add product listings from 1.7 million Shopify sellers to Microsoft's services.

In Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge, the new integration can be found in the Shopping tab. Here users can find listed Shopify products quickly. When a merchant adds a product, it will automatically be included on the Shopping tab for Bing and Microsoft Start for free.

Microsoft and Shopify explain how the integration works in the announcement blog:

  • “Using the improved Microsoft Channel app, merchants can easily connect with shoppers across the Microsoft network.
  • Shopify merchants' products will also automatically show on the Shopping tab on Microsoft Bing and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab for free as product listings.
  • Shopify merchants will also find value in creating new ad campaigns and viewing marketing performance through real-time reports in their Shopify store.”

Bing Travel Update

This is the second major announcement for Microsoft Bing this week, a rare instance of the search engine getting attention. Specifically, Microsoft revealed a new AI tool for Bing Travel.

Specifically, Microsoft Bing is now making travel searches more powerful with a new . According to the company, web searches for travel will now provide AI-driven results across package vacations, destinations, flights, car rentals, hotels and more.

Alongside this new Shopify integration, Microsoft Bing has become more powerful and usable in the space of just a few days.

Microsoft is also promising more shopping features for its products in the near future:

“This new integration of Shopify in Microsoft's web experiences is just the beginning of some great new shopping enhancements we will be rolling out to provide thoughtful, convenient, and more secure experiences for shoppers. We are excited to create new and meaningful connections between shops and shoppers for this season and beyond.”

Tip of the day: When you become a Shopify vendor, you can access the shopify sales report. It will help to analyze which products in your store are selling the best and which are not popular.

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 3:55 pm CEST

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