Microsoft Bing rarely takes center stage these days, even when the company rolled out Windows 11. However, this week Microsoft is adding a new feature to the search engine.

Specifically, Microsoft Bing is now making travel searches more powerful with a new AI integration. According to the company, web searches for travel will now provide AI-driven results across package vacations, destinations, flights, car rentals, hotels and more.

When a user searches a destination, Bing now surfaces an overview page that is dedicated to travel for the locations. This page shows a description of the location, travel stories from other people, popular similar destinations, and things to see and do in the area.

Bing Travel also provides prices trends to the destination to give users the ability to shop for the best deal.

On a regular Bing search, you can find sections labelled as Travel Guide, Hotels, and Flights. In the Travel Guide section, you can also find suggested itineraries across several trips lasting several numbers of days.

By tapping into Bing Maps, you can also navigate the city and take 3D virtual tours of popular attractions in the location. There is also a food and drink section for finding the best traditional options at the destination.

Google Travel Sustainability

Microsoft Bing still trails a little behind Google. Last month, Google Search added a new section that reports on the sustainability of travel locations. By collaborating with Travalyst to create the initiative, which starts with Google Hotel Search.

Now when users search hotels, they can see which put sustainability at the forefront of their experience. Those that meet Google’s standards will be given an eco-certified badge.

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