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Windows 11 Has a Preinstalled Microsoft Teams Chat Feature

Microsoft today announced a Chat app for Windows 11 that is powered by Microsoft Teams and comes preinstalled.


At its What's Next for Windows event today, announced Windows 11. While arguably an unimpressive introduction if you want sweeping changes, Microsoft says is about spurring creation and productivity. fits nicely into that equation and there were some announcements during the event.

We have already discussed how Microsoft Teams is now more deeply integrated into Windows, but there was a more important reveal.

Specifically, Windows 11 will ship with a preinstalled app known as “Chat”, while taps directly into Microsoft Teams. It allows users to easily contact family, friends, and work colleagues on Windows 11 without opening the Teams app.

It is worth noting the consumer version of Teams powers the Chat app and not the enterprise build. Either way, it gives you the full range of interactions you get in chats, such as document sharing, texts, images, and video calls or voice conversations. This works from within the Taskbar for a more seamless experience.

Skype Replacement

You will also see a Meet Now option in the Chat window, which means you can use that Windows feature to contact anyone, whether they have a Microsoft Account or not. SMS to iOS and is also supported through this service.

This is Microsoft way of replacing , which is no longer available as a preinstalled app on Windows 11.

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 to Insiders in preview next week, with a wide general release this fall. All Windows 10 users can upgrade to the new platform for free.

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