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Windows 11 Productivity Changes Include Microsoft Teams Integration and Snap Navigator

At the launch of Windows 11 today, Microsoft also announced improvements to virtual desktops and docking on external monitors.


At the introduction of Windows 11 today, has plenty to say about productivity on the new platform. Improvements coming during the release of this fall include changes to virtual desktops, docking on external monitors, and Windows Snap.

Perhaps the biggest changes are seen in Windows Snap. Windows 10 Snap is a useful productivity tool. Rather than fiddling around to get windows the exact right size, users drag one to the side or corner of your screen to snap windows to half or quarter of your screen.

In Windows 11, Microsoft is adding a “Snap Navigator” to Windows Snap. This is a special menu that appears when hovering over the maximize button on a window. In this menu, users can access several snap layouts, such as three-pane.

Essentially, the Snap Navigator allows users to access preset layout grids without needing to drag any elements. However, Microsoft is leaving the ability to manually drag and snap windows as an alternative.

Elsewhere in the sphere of Windows 11 productivity, there are new virtual desktops coming to the platform. Specifically, the new version will remember where app windows are even if the PC restarts. Other new features include custom backgrounds and the ability to rename virtual desktops.

Monitor Docking and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is also adding enhancements to the docking experience when connecting to and from an external monitor. We guess this will be a popular change as Windows 11 will finally add the ability for the PC to remember the location of app windows and replace them when you connect to a monitor.

inevitably played a role in today's unveiling, such is the importance of the app these days. On Windows 11 , Microsoft Teams is now directly integrated into the platform. This means Teams users can unmute and mute voice and video calls in the system tray on the Taskbar.

Furthermore, when Teams is running in the background, a “Share this Windows” option is available when overing over the app icon. This allows users to share an app windows with Teams contacts through the Taskbar.

Tip of the day: Though many VPN providers have their own apps, you can in many cases connect to a VPN in Windows 10 without any third-party software. This is ideal if you have a self-hosted VPN or if you're using a PC with restricted permissions. In our tutorial, we're showing you how to connect to a VPN in Windows 10.

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