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Xbox One X Exclusives Could Come to Xbox One Via Xbox Cloud Gaming

Instead of shutting out millions of users from some Xbox Series X exclusives, Xbox One owners could use Xbox Cloud Gaming.


says it will leverage is platform to bring next-gen titles from the to older consoles.

While Microsoft's launch of the Xbox Series X has been a big success, it is clear the company's future in gaming lies on the digital side of the equation. Certainly, the bulk of Xbox revenue comes from services like Xbox Network (formerly Live) and . However, Microsoft is certainly not ditching consoles.

In fact, there are a bunch of exclusive games coming to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as seen by Microsoft's E3 2021 showcase. However, some of those titles – most notably Starfield – will only be available on the Xbox Series consoles and not on the Xbox One.

Microsoft has made a lot of noise about backward compatibility, which allows Xbox Series consoles to play titles from Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the original Xbox. But what about the other way? It seems that already the Xbox One is getting left behind as titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator only launch on the Xbox Series X and S.

While Microsoft is looking to the future, there are tens of millions still running Xbox One consoles. Whether it is availability or cost, many of those users will not be upgrading to the Xbox Series devices any time soon.

Using the Cloud

Part of the problem Microsoft faces is the latest games are designed to run on the best hardware. While the Xbox One X is up to the task, older Xbox One consoles are not. The company could be have a solution for the problem… cloud streaming.

In a blog post, the company explains how Xbox Cloud Gaming () will deliver all games to older consoles. If you are familiar with the service, it uses Azure to run the resources of games, allowing them to play on less powerful hardware like smartphones.

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