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Microsoft Flight Simulator Leak Suggests June 15 Launch on Xbox Series X

A leak from a video game retailer shows Microsoft Flight Simulator could be released on the Xbox Series X in a matter of days.


's console has been available since last November with the latest technology and bleeding edge graphics. Still, one of the best games that could display the power of the Series X is not yet available… Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Launched in August 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a huge success and has wowed players with its photo-realistic graphics. While Flight Sim has been available on PC since its launch, it has yet to come to Xbox.

There was no release for and we are still waiting for the game to land on Xbox Series X. Microsoft previously said that the game would drop on the Series X, as well as the less powerful during the summer of 2021.

It now seems the company is set to keep that commitment. A leak from the Irish Gamestop online store showed Microsoft Flight Simulator listed for Xbox consoles. The retailer removed the page, but people had already taken screenshots.


Coming Soon?

As you can see, the page suggests the popular game will launch on June 15, which is just days away. It is worth pointing out sometimes retailers put placeholder pages ready for a potential release. However, considering we are entering Microsoft's summer season of gaming with a bumper E3 event, kicking it off with Flight Sim on Xbox Series X makes sense.

You may be wondering what about Xbox One/Xbox One S? Well, while Microsoft has previously said the game would come to those consoles, the situation may now have changed. Xbox One is now a last generation console.

It seems Microsoft Flight Simulator will be exclusive to Xbox Series X|S consoles. If that is the case, it will become the first title that is complete exclusive to those newer devices without backward compatibility.

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