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Minecraft Brings Ben 10 DLC to Marketplace

Minecraft players can now access Ben 10 downloadable content, including Story Mode, Free Roam, Character Creator, and more.


One of the ways keeps so popular – despite the game being 10 years old – is by freshening up the game with regular new content and partnering with major franchises. In the latest such move, Minecraft is now opening its doors to Ben 10.

As with previous franchise tie-ins, Ben 10 content is now available for download from the Minecraft Marketplace. There are two different modes available to download: Story and Free Roam. Those are self-explanatory but Microsoft says the Story mode involves:

“In Story Mode, you will need to step up and face an epic challenge. Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max need your help recovering  lost alien DNA from the Omnitrix. Transform into all of Ben's alien heroes to defeat iconic villains like Vilgax, Zombozo, and Kevin 11 as the story unfolds.”

Users can also use the Character Creator item and get a Ben 10 t-shirt for their character. Head over to Minecraft.net to find out more.

Franchise Partnerships

Minecraft has teamed with some of the biggest pop culture IP's in the world. Last year, the game released DLC related to both Star Wars and Jurassic World/Park.

As pop culture IP mashups go, Minecraft and Star Wars seems like a no-brainer. The most popular game ever with the most iconic movie franchise of all-time… it's so obvious. As for Jurassic World, Its a richly stocked DLC with plenty of content for users to enjoy.

For example, there are over 60 dinosaurs (more than we ever saw in the Jurassic movies), and 21 skins to choose from.

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