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Minecraft Jurassic World Roars onto the Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft Jurassic World is a new DLC available in the Marketplace that allows users to create their own park and control dinosaurs.


and Jurassic Park are such a match made in heaven that I cannot believe this has not already happened. Of course, I am of the generation that this is Jurassic Park, but for the kids these days, it's Jurassic World, so I'll play along.

-owned Mojang says Jurassic World is now coming to Minecraft in the form of a new DLC. This is an official partnership that will see the Jurassic World setting of Isla Nublar, including the tourist centers, attractions, and more.

“Have you ever wanted to train a dinosaur? (Yes!) Or create a park filled with awe-inspiring dinosaur exhibits – like the T. Rex or Velociraptor? (Definitely, yes!) Well today's your lucky day (just 65 million years in the making)… welcome to Jurassic World!”

As this is a movie tie-in, it's only fitting that the Minecraft Jurassic World DLC gets a high-concept trailer.

Rich Content

Whether you're a fan of the Jurassic series of not, this looks like an interesting and exciting addition to Minecraft. It's also a richly stocked DLC with plenty of content for users to enjoy. For example, there are over 60 dinosaurs (more than we ever saw in the Jurassic movies), and 21 skins to choose from.

Minecraft Jurassic World is available now from the Minecraft Marketplace.

In the update, users can control human characters from the movie series. However, I know you're all on board for controlling a dinosaur, and yes, you can do that. Furthermore, you can become the Park Manager, making this DLC something of a Jurassic Park sim.

As the manager, you can build exhibits, create dinosaurs, train them, find new DNA, and generally explore the game world. Your park will also have workers on hand in the form of NPCs.

Just remember, life finds a way.

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