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Microsoft Whiteboard Finally Lands on Android in Preview

Years after arriving on iOS, Microsoft Whiteboard is now available on Android, albeit in preview without many features.


's Whiteboard application has been available on Apple's iOS for a few years, as well as Windows 10. For some reason, Microsoft has not released the app on , until now. Users of 's platform are seeing their patient wait for Whiteboard end.

Microsoft says the app is now available for Android users, although it is debuting in preview. The app is available now on the Google Play Store. Here's the official description from Microsoft:

provides a freeform intelligent canvas where teams can ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud. Designed for touch, type & pen, it lets you write or draw as smoothly as you would with ink, you can even type in text or add sticky notes to express your thoughts.

“It enhances teamwork by allowing all team members to edit the canvas in real time, no matter where they are. And all your work stays safe in the cloud, ready to be picked back up from another location or device.”

Preview App

One of the big problems Microsoft has is delivering a app that matches what is available on iOS. Instead of aiming for feature parity, the company has decided to deliver a half baked version of Whiteboard. That's angering early adopters of the Android app, but Microsoft is hiding behind the “preview” status of the app.

Over the coming months, the company need to work to bring more tools to the app.

Whiteboard integrates with the inking capabilities of Microsoft Office to bring content to a screen that can be used by multiple users across devices.

Functional locally or online, the service works with mouse, keyboard, pen, and touch. Documents sync automatically to the loud for use on any PC or smartphone at a later date and inviting another user is as easy as sharing a link.

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