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Microsoft Edge 89 Stable Build Now Available

Microsoft Edge 89 brings several new tools, including Vertical Tabs, a replacement for the old Hub Experience, and Startup Boost.


Edge 89 is about to roll out to the masses as Microsoft readies the next version of its web browser. Leading the lineup of new features is Vertical Tabs, a new tool for opening tabs in a vertical pane on the left side of Edge.

To access Vertical Tabs, users can click an icon in the top left corner of the browser window. The big advantage of the side vertical tabs is they also feature a thumbnail image of the page. If you have multiple tabs open during a session, this could make it easier to organize them.

Elsewhere in Microsoft Edge 89, the browser is now more efficient at managing history. Microsoft is debuting a new dropdown menu that is available above the webpages. In this menu, users can pin history to the right side of the page.

Yes, this is similar to Hub Experience, a handy tool from the Legacy Edge browser that Microsoft did not bring to the Chromium browser.

Startup Boost

Also in this latest update, Microsoft has added a startup boost tool. The idea with this feature is to notably reduce how long it takes to open Edge after closing it or even restarting the PC. Microsoft points out startup of Edge will be improved by between 29% and 41%. Startup boost is on by default but users can disable it if they want.

Microsoft has also confirmed the following fixes for this release:

  • “Right-clicking the Microsoft Edge shortcut in the Start menu will now properly show the option to unpin Microsoft Edge from the taskbar when it's pinned.
  • Start layouts that include a taskbar configuration to pin Microsoft Edge to the taskbar will no longer result in a second Microsoft Edge shortcut getting pinned to the taskbar.
  • Organizations using Windows Roaming Profiles will no longer see a blank white icon in place of the Microsoft Edge icon on the taskbar when their users log on to Windows.”

Tip of the day:

When you boot Windows 10 it delays the launch of startup programs for ten seconds so your desktop and Windows services will have finished loading. If you want to speed up boot time, have a look at our tutorial about how to disable startup delay.

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