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Microsoft: Don’t Blow Vape Smoke into Xbox Series X Consoles

Microsoft is warning users not to blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X following a growing trend of owners doing just that.


Remember folks, there's no smoke without fire. 's new console is now available to customers, and early projections suggest it will be a big seller. Today, Microsoft is moving to hopefully kill off an early trend where vapers are blowing smoke into the Series X.

Yes, it makes no sense and is as stupid in practice and it appears in words. It's a trend picking up pace and (obviously) the vape smoke is causing the Xbox Series X console to overheat.

For some reasons, customers are using the smoke coming out of the device to pretend the Xbox Series X has an overheating problem. It is unclear why this is happening, or why users want to attempt to discredit the console.

Why didn't Microsoft make the Xbox Series X hot smoke-proof?


Don't Do It

As you may expect, Microsoft has responded to this trend by telling customers to simply stop doing it. In a tweet on the Xbox channel, the company warns owners against blowing vape smoke into their Xbox Series X.

While it would be easy to think Microsoft should keep quiet and just let stupid people destroy their consoles, the company took the right step by responding. Firstly, it cuts any negativity about the console, it stops future customers from trying to do the same, and it also shows that the console does not have an overheating problem.

If you really want a cool console, perhaps the best way is with the Xbox Series X fridge Microsoft created last month.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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