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Leak: Has the 2021 Surface Pro 8 Shown Up on eBay?

An eBay listing claims to have an engineering model of next year’s Surface Pro 8, which is available for $1,300 on the auction site.


As it’s already November, we don’t expect to see any new Surface products released this year. That means no Surface Pro 8 until 2021, which tallies up to Microsoft’s usual release cycle. However, an apparent prototype of the next generation Pro has leaked online.

Of course, at this stage Microsoft is saying nothing official about the Surface Pro 8. We know it is in development but don’t know what improvements it will have over this year model.

It is worth noting Microsoft updates Surface devices less frequently than the yearly bump we see smartphones get. So, there’s no surprise to see the Surface Pro 7 remain in place beyond the one-year anniversary of its launch.

What’s interesting about this “leaked” prototype is it was listed on eBay for someone to buy. Naturally, that throws up all kinds of questions about legitimacy so as the cautious bunch we are at WinBuzzer, we’ll be taking this will more than a pinch of salt.

The eBay listing certainly does a good job of selling the idea that this is a leak and at the time of writing the item has sold:

“Yes, you read the title right. Up for sale is a Surface Pro 8 engineering model, it has ES version of 11th gen i7-1165G7 processor, 32GB ram at 4267Mhz (Pro 7 maxed out at 16GB) and 1TB Samsung SSD. Perfectly working, but as it is unreleased do backup driver yourself before restoring otherwise you cannot find it online. Come with a blue type cover,” the seller explains in the eBay listing.


However, playing along, the prototype at least highlights some of the specs that are very likely to be part of the Surface Pro 8. It comes with the newest generation Intel Core processors, up to 32GB of RAM (double that of the Pro 7), and up to a 1TB Samsung SSD.

For that kind of hardware, the Surface Pro 8 prototype can be yours for $1,300. It’s likely the top of the range released model will cost more. Of course, if you bid on this item it is at your own risk. As noted, we doubt the legitimacy of this leak and who knows that the build quality is like.

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Luke Jones
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