Microsoft Preview for Windows 10 on ARM X64 App Emulation Could Arrive in November

A report suggests Microsoft is preparing to release an x64 app emulator for Windows 10 on ARM later this year.


10 on ARM is about combining the best of PC with he benefits of mobile devices. For example, running a mobile processor to boost battery life for laptops or having mobile connectivity capabilities. However, while being touted as a best of both worlds, 10 on ARM lacks some important tools. is now aiming to solve one of the biggest problems.

For example, running x64 apps is off limits. on ARM supports drivers but it won't run apps. If an application or game was created for an x64 platform, you won't be able to it.

That's a problem considering the vast number of apps that are x64. Back in May, we reported on was working on a feature that would allow users to run x64 apps in an emulator. WindowsLatest reports Microsoft's emulator is now almost ready for testing.

The company is working on “AMR64EC”, which is reportedly the architecture for Windows x64 applications.

Incoming Preview

In fact, a technical preview for the public should come to on ARM laptops before the end of November. While it is perhaps not the perfect solution to the problem, it will make a huge difference for users.

It is likely any debut for x64 support will come directly to Microsoft own . This is the company's first-ever ARM-based device that launched last year.

Microsoft has had issues in the relationship between Windows 10 and ARM. We reported the Microsoft Store was not flagging which apps are not compatible for users. This was frustrating because users were trying to download apps that didn't work on their device.