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Microsoft Reminds Customers of Surface Duo Unique Features

Microsoft has published a video that highlights some of the new software tricks available in the Surface Duo smartphone.


's smartphone is now out in the wild. Reviews for the company's first handset in years have been mixed. It seems the overall experience is obviously first-gen, but people are in love with the hardware and design. Microsoft is now aiming to sell users on some handy features available on the Duo.

In a recent video, Microsoft is highlighting some of the new technology it developed for the Surface Duo. Many of the new tools are already known about but it seems Microsoft wants to remind users of what the Duo can do.

As noted, early reviews say the device is interesting but much of the software tricks are clearly still in development. However, it is clear the Duo has the potential to become a powerhouse device. Whether Microsoft can solve early software ticks with updates or will need to wait until a second generation remains to be seen.

Interesting Abilities

Either way, here are some of the tools the company walks through in the video:

  • “Duo uses a custom pixel stack and each set of panels undergo extensive color and luminance calibration.
  • Microsoft developed new manufacturing processes to actively align pixels across screens.
  • The proprietary digitizer algorithms even consider when you are crossing the seam with your finger, making it feel like it's one fluid screen.
  • Within the dynamic 360-degree hinge, custom-designed cables connect the displays to work together, across a variety of postures.
  • Microsoft designed a completely new dual-system architecture to deliver optimal performance and battery life within the thinnest, lightest design possible.
  • Every detail, from the layout of the motherboard and multi-cell battery, to the placement of inertial sensors, mics and antennas, was purposefully designed to unlock an entirely new interaction model across two screens.”

Microsoft's running Surface Duo is available now for $1,399.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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