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Leaked Surface Duo Video Shows New “Peek” Feature

The Surface Duo will get a feature called Leek that looks to solve the issue of having no interaction input from the outside of the smartphone.

Microsoft Patent Discusses Surface Duo Evolution to Folding Screen Tech

Future versions of the upcoming Surface Duo smartphone could have fully folding screens based on a new Microsoft patent.

Surface Duo SDK Preview Gets Its First Update, with Improved Display Behavior and More

The Surface Duo SDK has received several improvements to increase consistency when it comes to the DisplayMask API and is now a user build.

Surface Duo Spotted in the Wild Complete with Software Demo

A Surface Demo has been spotted in the wild months ahead of its launch. The leak also shows how Android works on the device.

Surface Duo User Spotted on Vancouver’s SkyTrain

Microsoft's dual-screen device appears to be in testing after being spotted by a sharp-eyed Twitter user on Vancouvers SkyTrain.

Microsoft Patent Points to Surface Duo Evolution with Full Flexible Display

Could Microsoft’s Surface Duo have a fully flexible display in new generations? A Microsoft patent shows the company is working on the technology.

Microsoft’s Latest SDK Helps Mac Developers Build Apps for Surface Duo

Microsoft has rolled out the Surface Duo SDK and emulator to macOS, letting developers on both platforms optimize apps before its launch later this year.

Microsoft Debuts SDKs for Surface Duo and Surface Neo

Microsoft is engaging developers with SDKs for the Surface Duo (Android) and Surface Neo (Windows 10X) on the Inside.

New Microsoft Launcher Preview Gets It Surface Duo Ready

The Microsoft Launcher preview has been built on a new codebase and is likely the version that will ship with the Surface Duo this year.

Microsoft Patent Describes Surface Duo and Neo Closing Mechanism

A new patent from Microsoft shows a potential magnet closure for the Surface Duo and its larger sibling, the Surface Neo.

Microsoft Patent Points to Sophisticated Surface Duo Camera

A new Microsoft patent describes a potential Surface Duo and Surface Neo camera module that would use multi-spectral technology.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Duo and Surface Neo will Support Existing Apps

However, for the Surface Duo, Android applications will only work on one of the screens as Microsoft works on a solution.

Microsoft Encourages Devs to Embrace Dual-Screen Ahead of Surface Duo and Neo Launch

Microsoft is encouraging developers to start thinking about dual-screen development, offering more information to early adopters but signaling an extended push in 2020.

Microsoft Works on Surface Duo Cooling Vapor Chamber

A Microsoft patent suggests the Surface Neo and Surface Duo could have a vapor chamber to cool the devices consistently across both screens.

Microsoft Patent Points to Surface Duo and Surface Neo Method for Handling UI Changes

A new patent shows a technology called Control Logic for the Surface Duo and Surface Neo, which will help the UI move from one screen to another.

Surface Duo and Neo to Get a “Good Camera” According to Microsoft’s Panos Panay

Surface chief Panos Panay says the Surface Duo and Surface Neo folding devices will receive good cameras without delving into specifics.

Microsoft Patent Describes Battery Usage Meter Potentially for Surface Duo

A new Microsoft patent points to a way Surface Duo users could have more information regarding their battery life and power consumption.

Microsoft Patent Gives Surface Duo and Neo Secure Screen Orientation

A Microsoft patent describes a method to stop the dual screens of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo from randomly changing screen orientation.

Microsoft Brings Call Support to Your Phone, Expanding Surface Duo Functionality

Ahead of launching the Surface Duo next year, Microsoft is beefing up Your Phone and has added call support on the Inside.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Could Be the Perfect xCloud Phone

The Surface Duo will have a big impact on productivity, but it could also double as a great game-streaming device.