Microsoft has updated its Sticky Notes application on Windows 10. With this week’s release, users are getting a bump to Version 3.7 of the useful native tool. While there are no new features included, this update does include some important fixes.

Leading the way is squashing a bug that had been preventing users from accessing Ink Analysis. Specifically, this feature was off limits because of the big. With this fix, users can once again receive ink insights and handwriting analysis.

Moreover, there is an improvement to Insights in Sticky Notes Version 3.7. Now the app will remember insights across sessions, even if the user goes offline.

Below are the official release notes:

  • “Ink Analysis is back! There was a bad bug preventing you from getting ink insights and handwriting analysis, but we squashed it.
  • Insights is better than ever! We did a bunch of bug fixing and improvements, including remembering insights across sessions and even remembering them when you go offline.
  • Selecting text has never been more colorful! We decided to embrace the rainbow – try it on dark mode for an extra delightful experience.
  • Various bug fixes, accessibility fixes, performance improvements.”


Microsoft’s Sticky Notes is increasingly becoming one of the company’s fastest growing services. The app was once viewed as a gimmick, but Microsoft has changed that perception with a flurry of features.

The underpinning technology behind Sticky Note has made its way to other Microsoft services. For example, just last week the company’s Whiteboard tool on iOS, Windows 10, and the web got support for Sticky Notes.

If you use Sticky Notes on Windows 10, you can check out the update at the Microsoft Store here.